How to find the best puma in Dubai

A new Dubai fashion brand has taken to the streets to showcase the “ultimate dreamer” with a line of streetwear inspired by the likes of Paris, London and New York.

The brand, Dreams Sands Cancun , aims to showcase “a new style and trend in the city of Dubai”, and has a number of street wear collaborations with fashion designers including Ralph Lauren, Prada and Alexander Wang.

“Dreams Sands CanCun” is a collection of clothing inspired by a range of contemporary and classic styles in Dubai, including the city’s signature colours like blue, black, green and red, as well as “the most fashionable and luxurious” pieces.

The collection is being produced by local fashion house, Puma Rums.

“Puma Rum” has been making waves in the US and Europe over the past few years, and is one of the biggest names in the “designer’s market”.

It has previously produced the designer’s collection of high-fashion-focused shoes for Ralph Lauren in 2013.

“The line has been inspired by an eclectic mix of contemporary, classic and classic pieces, with a strong emphasis on traditional style,” Puma said in a statement.

“It showcases the most luxurious, high-end style in Dubai.

It’s also a bold statement on our commitment to supporting young creatives and creating sustainable fashion.”

Puma has a history of collaborations with other brands, including Ralph, Calvin Klein and Puma’s own flagship brand, Pumas.

“In a fashion-driven world, Pums are the most influential brand in the world and we are always looking for new opportunities to collaborate with brands that share our vision,” Pumases co-founder and CEO, Aida Ibrahim, said in the statement.

Dreams Sands is currently available in limited edition at select retailers, including Topshop, Neiman Marcus and Mango, and online at

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