Why you need to love your bear. This is why.

The world is getting smaller.

There’s not a single species that’s not shrinking, or disappearing.

It’s happening faster than anyone could ever have imagined.

And we’re not even done with it yet.

The internet has made it easy to be a part of a shrinking planet.

There are hundreds of new species popping up every day, with many new species being created every year.

The species you love and cherish may be disappearing or dying at a faster rate than we could have ever imagined.

Here are 10 reasons why you need all of this love and care.


Bears are smart.

They know the difference between good and bad.

For example, some species like the grizzly bear are smarter than humans.

They’re more cunning, more capable of planning and anticipating.

They have an uncanny ability to learn.

And their brains are really, really big.

They can process the vast array of information that is out there in the wild at the same time as our brains.

Bears also have very long necks.

This allows them to climb trees, which is a huge advantage.

If you can find a big tree that’s too tall, and you’re sitting on top of it, you can pull it off and grab the bear.


Bears have a really good sense of smell.

This isn’t something that’s just something that you notice on a hike.

It can even be a feature of the way the grizzlies communicate with each other.

They smell, and they pick out food sources, and all of that makes for great communication.

But the best part is that they can pick up on this smell when it’s out of the wild.

When the grizzled bear is out in the field, it’s just as much of a scenter as humans.

When we see them in the forest, they’re just as smart and aware.


Bears love to play.

The bears are great at playing, but they love to have fun too.

When they see an opportunity to play, they’ll take advantage of it.

When their friends aren’t around, they love it.

It makes them feel more comfortable and secure.

Bears can even play on the beach.

Bears play on a boat that they’re on in the winter, or in the summer on a beach.

They get to spend time together in the sun and the surf.

Bears will also enjoy hanging out in parks.


Bears like to be together.

They’ll be very, very happy to hang out with their friends, even if that means they’re playing on the ground.

They just want to get their friends into a place where they’re happy.

They don’t need a big group of people around, and that’s why they’re great at staying in one place for a long time.

And they like to hang around together in groups of up to six people.


Bears don’t like to eat humans.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hunting, fishing, or trapping.

Bears do not like to get caught in the trap or the fence.

The reason they don’t bite is because they know that when they bite, it will hurt.

And when they do get bitten, they will immediately release their venom.

So, they don`t eat people unless they’re really desperate.

But they do eat people.

They do eat bears.


Bears need their food.

The same is true for humans.

Bears eat animals, like squirrels and chipmunks, because they are big, strong, and healthy.

And the bigger the animal, the more they need food.

But what they don’ t need is humans.

The most important thing they need is their food, and the bigger their food the more hungry they get.

Bears usually will hunt their prey to get the food.

If they can get a meal, they just want more.

They love to eat as much as possible, and it’s a way for them to bond.

And because they’re so big, they get into a lot of trouble.

They will also hunt other species, like the big cats, to get as much food as possible.


Bears really love water.

They like to swim in the ocean, and if you go into the water, they know you’re there and they love swimming.

So they don t mind a little bit of danger.

They also love to dive in the water when they can.

And that means that they like it when other animals are in danger.


Bears aren’t afraid of humans.

Humans have very strong feelings of fear, and sometimes that fear is justifiable.

Bears tend to avoid danger, because of the same reason humans don’t want to be around bears.

They fear being eaten.

But it’s the same thing that humans fear when they see something they don´t like.

Bears fear that something that looks, smells, and feels like them could hurt them.

And it could be you.

So bears don’t do anything to you to get you to stop.

They are smart, and when you get a

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