How to shop for a dream tattoo

Dream chaser tattoos are a popular trend among the young, as they bring a new perspective to the art of tattooing, a style in which colors are layered together to create a dream-like image.

Some dream chasers, like a 16-year-old in Texas, are inspired by the work of renowned tattoo artist Johnathan Moore, whose tattoo style, the dream tattoo, focuses on color-changing patterns.

Moore’s work has been used in a number of fashion and entertainment outlets, including the movies “The Dreamcatcher” and “Dreamgirls.”

“I wanted to do something that felt a little more like a tattoo,” said 18-year.

year-old Angelika Goyette, who is in the process of getting her dream tattoo.

“It’s about the color changes and I wanted to have the color be in a dream like my eyes are, with a light color.”

To her, it feels like a dream.

Her tattoo is a combination of green and blue, a symbol of love and the sun.

“I thought it would be fun to get my own tattoo with green and a blue pattern,” Goyettes mom, Melissa, said.

“Because when I’m thinking about my boyfriend, I always think of my favorite color.

It’s really relaxing to get a tattoo with colors that match up with my mood.”

For many young tattoo artists, it’s also a way to take their talents to a new level.

“They really want to get creative and do something different,” said Heather, 18, a dream chasin in Atlanta.

“A lot of people get a lot of inspiration from artists and people, but not necessarily people that have a tattoo and are just doing something different.”

For some young tattooers, the process starts in earnest when they get their first ink job.

“When I started, I got the first ink,” said 17-year old Tasha, who requested that her last name not be used because she was under the age of 18.

“And I just got a lot more ink over the years.”

The tattoo she got in 2011 was done on a pink background with a blue swirl.

“That was one of my first ink jobs,” she said.

She added that it was a dream to get her own tattoo, “because I was so excited about the project.

It was one thing to get it done and another to actually get it.”

A dream tattoo can also bring a certain type of happiness to some tattoo artists.

“The color can bring a different perspective to things,” said 21-year tattoo artist Michael, who has two dream chases.

“You can’t really put a color on your body and say, ‘I’m doing this,'” he said.

Another young tattoo artist, 18-years-old Rachael, said that she enjoys getting her tattoo done.

“Sometimes I get too excited and just want to rush it.

I get really excited about getting the first tattoo,” she told the Wall Street.

“But it’s fun and relaxing.”

“When you get your first tattoo, it just means a lot to you,” said 19-year dream chase Katie, who received her first tattoo in 2013.

“To see that, you’re doing something special.

It makes you want to keep doing it.”

Dream tattoos can also provide a new way to express yourself and the people you care about.

“Getting your first dream tattoo is so fun, because it’s like you’re showing people what you really want in your life, so they can say yes to everything,” said 16-years dream chasing.

“With tattoos, it can be more of an expression of what you want in life.

You can really express yourself.”

“If you can do it with your friends, you can get a little bigger, or if you can just get it with someone, you just want it to be as real as possible,” said 20-year dreams chasing.

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