Which team are you most excited to see win?

FiveThirtyEight has released its 2016 college football preview, and this week we’re giving you the most exciting team to watch as it goes into the season.

FiveThirtyeight’s analysis of the game is based on our pre-game projections, which we use to build the preseason college football rankings.

With the preview out, here’s our list of the best teams for the 2016 season.1.

Michigan WolverinesThis season has been a roller coaster for Michigan.

The Wolverines had a dominant season last year with an impressive 13-1 record, but after falling to Ohio State in the national title game, the Wolverines fell to a 6-7 start.

With a new coaching staff, Michigan is back on the rise, and with an improved defense, the offense should be even better.

The defense was good enough to win the Big Ten Conference Championship, but the offense has struggled in the past few years, losing three games by double digits.

Michigan’s defense is going to be even tougher this season, and it will be tough to stop a talented team like Ohio State.2.

Alabama Crimson TideThis team has a great chance to make a run at a national championship.

With another talented quarterback, the Crimson Tide could have a great season.

They should have a better defense, too, but it won’t be easy.

The offense should also be even stronger this year.

The Crimson Tide will be the team to beat in the ACC.3.

Florida State SeminolesThe Seminoles are a good team this year, but there is no guarantee they will make the College Football Playoff.

The Seminoles will likely be in the bottom three teams, which would be disappointing.

Florida will have to be careful if they want to win it all.4.

LSU TigersThe Tigers will be a tough team to keep down.

If they win the SEC, they could get to a Big Ten Championship, which is the most likely outcome.

The Tigers will have a lot of talent, but they have struggled this year with injuries.

The only way the Tigers will win a national title is if they win their final two games.5.

Ohio State BuckeyesThe Buckeyes have had an unbelievable season, finishing with an 11-1 mark.

The Buckeyes will have their hands full this year against a good defense.

If the defense can stay healthy, the Buckeyes could be a dangerous team.6.

USC TrojansThe Trojians have a good chance to win a Big 12 title.

They have a solid quarterback, a solid running back, and a good quarterback.

However, the defense is very inconsistent.

The Trojian offensive line is going through a lot, and the defense needs to be more consistent.

The quarterback situation is going the opposite direction of last year.

If there is one bright spot in this season for the Trojets, it is their offense.7.

Iowa HawkeyesThe Hawkeyes should be one of the favorites to win another national title.

The Hawkeyes have an excellent offense, and they have the pieces to be a good running game.

However (if) Iowa can get healthy, they will have another explosive offense.8.

Stanford CardinalThe Cardinal should have one of these seasons.

The Cardinal has a solid defense, but their offense is inconsistent.

They also need to get better with the play of their quarterback.9.

Washington HuskiesThe Huskies are a great team.

The Huskies have a talented offense, which will be key to a win.

However the defense will be an issue for Washington.10.

Oregon DucksThe Ducks have the best offense in the Pac-12, but will struggle with the defense.

Will the Ducks make the NCAA Tournament?11.

Notre Dame Fighting IrishThe Fighting Irish have a very strong offense, but defense is inconsistent, and that can be an obstacle for the Fighting Irish.12.

Baylor BearsThe Bears will need to find a way to win at home.

They could have an outstanding offense, as well as a great defense.

The Bears offense is going nowhere, but that could change if they can get a little healthy.13.

LSU TigerThe Tigers are a team that is looking for a few more wins to get to the College Basketball Tournament.

They will need the help of their offensive line, but if the Tigers can get some offense going, they should be a top team in the SEC.14.

USC TrojanThe Trocs are a big team, but a lack of defense will hurt their chances to get back to the top.

They are going to need a lot from their defense.15.

Louisville CardinalsThe Cardinals have one great year left on their record, and one bad season will hurt them.

Louisville needs to get healthier, and their offense needs to improve.16.

Clemson TigersThe Tiger’s defense should be much better this season.

The Clemson offense is really strong, and if they are able to keep it up, they can be a really strong team.17.

Georgia BulldogsThe Bulldogs are a fun team to follow

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