Dream closet: How I learned to embrace my American Dream

Posted June 21, 2018 08:56:14It was a long time ago.

I remember the day I was born.

The day I became a mom.

The year I was 5 years old.

I have always known that I wanted to be a mother.

But I never knew how.

My parents were immigrants to this country from the Philippines.

We didn’t have much money.

My mom had to support her two children, two boys, while my dad worked in a factory.

I was always the little boy who cried when the factory doors shut.

I wasn’t allowed to play outside.

And I was afraid to go to the bathroom.

I thought it was a curse.

I used to hide under my bed at night.

I was scared to be alone in my room.

When my mom came home from work one day, she took me to a little playground where I could play and relax.

We would play together.

She would give me a smile and say, “Come, come play with me.”

It wasn’t long before I started spending time with my mom.

And that was when my dream became a reality.

When I was a little boy, I saw my mom on the playground, playing with my brothers.

I had a dream about my mom, and I started crying.

She said, “You are so beautiful.

You are my child.”

I thought I was crazy.

My dream became real, and it was so special.

But that’s how I was brought up.

My dream was to be in the best boarding school in the world.

I could go anywhere in the United States, anywhere in America, anywhere at the best school in America.

But it didn’t happen.

I wasn’t really interested in what was going on around me.

I just wanted to go back home to my parents, where I was happy.

I didn’t want to go out on my own.

My parents didn’t really care about me.

I didn’t like being alone.

I liked my mom and dad, so they were always there for me.

They helped me with everything.

They gave me money to buy things for my brothers and sisters, and they took care of my brothers’ health and their school.

I loved them and I wanted them to be happy.

But there was no family to come home to.

My mother was so scared of being alone in her own house, because I would always be scared to come back to my home.

But I was finally allowed to go home and my family.

When I was 14, my mom finally let me go back to Manila, where she lives.

And at that moment, I knew I wanted a better life.

I knew what my dream was.

I wanted my family to be strong.

I needed a better job, a better home, and a better lifestyle.

But all of those things weren’t available to me.

My family lived in Manila, a small town about 15 minutes away from my home in Pampanga, Philippines.

But we didn’t get along.

I hated the way they treated me.

When they would bring me to the beach and watch me sunbathe in the sun, I would get very angry and upset.

They were always taking advantage of me.

So I tried to hide it.

When people noticed, they would ask me, “Why are you crying?”

They didn’t give me the right answer.

But then, my parents started asking me about my dreams.

They told me, you have to take these dreams seriously, and you have no other option.

So I did.

I started writing down every dream I ever had.

I took them with me to every country I ever visited, and my dream is still a constant reminder in my mind.

When the school opened, I decided to join the school.

They wanted me to come and teach the students.

I felt like I had to learn and work hard for every single day.

I did a lot of volunteer work.

I also helped out with the Filipino Chamber of Commerce, which was a big help in the local economy.

My dad was an accountant.

My mum was a maid.

I learned everything that I needed to know in school.

So when I joined the school, I wasn

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