When I am dead, what will I do with my life?

When I have a dream, I have to act on it.

When I go to sleep, I do not wake up.

The time between waking up and sleeping is too long.

So, I wake up in the morning to read my newspaper.

The dream is still there and I cannot remember how it came about.

My dream has disappeared.

My body does not remember it.

So when I am dying, I can say: “My dream was real.

My life was real.”

I will not die, because I am immortal.

I will go on living.

But how do I go on with my daily life?

When I think of my own death, my mind is very busy.

I am thinking about my next meal.

I think about my own son.

I keep on thinking about the family.

I do all this while thinking that I am going to die.

It is a constant stream of thoughts.

My mind is not able to keep up with the pace of my body.

I have trouble thinking of my family.

But I am able to imagine my own future.

When you live like this, it makes your life very interesting.

But the more you live it, the more complicated your life becomes.

You have to keep on working and living.

So I do try to think of a way to live a good life, but it is a very difficult task.

I cannot keep a diary.

You do not know when your dream will come true.

I know I will have a family and a career.

My wife has her own future ahead of her.

The world will come to an end and I will be happy and content.

But when I wake, I find myself in a very different world.

I find that there are other people and they are different from me.

I feel like I am a slave.

But life is not a slave-like state.

There are times when I do feel like a slave, but that does not mean that I can’t be happy.

It just means that there is so much more to life than just the physical.

Life is a wonderful place and the more we live here, the better it is for all of us.

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