Why we should wear socks with our bare feet

Barefoot, sweaty, sweaty: It’s a modern trend.

We wear socks for everything from swimming to yoga.

And now, thanks to new research, we are even starting to put socks in our shoes.

In a new study published in the journal PLoS ONE, researchers from the University of Michigan and the University at Buffalo found that wearing socks in the shoes of their colleagues made them less likely to fall, more likely to get to the bottom of a problem, and more likely than not to get an answer.

In other words, socks are just good for us.

“When you wear socks, it makes you feel comfortable.

When you wear shoes, it takes you away from the task at hand,” said Dr. Robert A. Brown, the study’s lead author and a professor of medicine at the U-M College of Medicine.

“In this study, the footwear was also associated with increased self-reported health and decreased risk of falls and accidents.”

While the research shows that wearing a pair of socks in your shoes makes you more likely not to fall and therefore less likely in a crash, the researchers found that it also has a positive effect on your feet.

“When you’re on your toes, it’s harder to fall.

You feel better in your toes,” Brown said.

“The toes are a little bit like a cushion.

When your feet are flat, they’re pretty comfortable.

But when you’re not flat, your toes are kind of uncomfortable.”

Brown added that wearing sock socks in a workplace setting was even more effective than wearing shoes, with more people in the study reporting having no discomfort at all.

“There is this myth that socks don’t make you fall.

In fact, wearing socks makes you safer because you’re less likely be injured or hurt in a fall,” he said.

The researchers found socks did not make the person more likely in the workplace, but were more likely at work to be safer than shoes.

“I think this research really shows that socks can actually be an effective way to be in your work environment,” said Brown.

“Socks can be a lot of fun, and there are a lot more people wearing socks at work than there are shoes.”

Sock sales have been increasing at an alarming rate, with footwear sales alone rising more than 30 percent between 2009 and 2014, according to the American Apparel Association.

Brown and his colleagues wanted to know whether socks would have the same impact.

“We wanted to see if socks would make the job safer, and if socks were more effective at reducing workplace injuries,” he added.

The study looked at data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, which is an electronic injury survey.

It’s collected data on workplace injuries and deaths and is conducted annually by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

They analyzed data from nearly 13,000 workers at nine industries, including shoe companies, apparel companies, retail stores, restaurants, and restaurants.

Socks were measured using an X-ray of the foot, and they were found to be more likely when worn with socks than when worn without socks.

This meant that wearing one pair of shoes, even with socks on, was associated with a 23 percent increase in the chance of a workplace injury.

However, socks were not associated with the chance for an injury in the hands.

“Even with socks, you still have a lot to be concerned about,” Brown added.

“You can’t just get into a situation where you get a bad fall.

When I wear socks on my feet, I’m actually more likely.”

This is the second study in just the last year to find that wearing pants on your shoes actually makes you less likely.

In May, researchers found a connection between wearing pants and a reduction in the risk of injury.

That study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, focused on a large cohort of people with a diagnosis of arthritis.

In the study, people wearing pants were more than two times more likely and three times more than those wearing pants without pants to have a diagnosis, and the researchers said that wearing them with pants was linked to reduced risk of developing arthritis.

However (and perhaps not surprisingly), this study was based on data collected from a much smaller cohort.

Brown said that his research team is now planning to continue looking at how socks affect people working in the healthcare industry.

“Our next step is to study socks in more detail to see how they impact different types of workers,” he explained.

“For a lot people, the idea of wearing socks for work is not a big deal, because it’s not a bad thing.

They just wear socks when they’re not on the job.

But for people who have chronic injuries and disabilities, it is important to be able to wear socks in their work,” he continued.

“We’re trying to understand why wearing socks on the workplace makes people more likely or less likely than when wearing shoes.”

Brown said the next step would be to compare the impact of socks with other types of footwear, such as running shoes,

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