How to spot a tornado in dreams

By the time she got home, the sky was clear and there were no clouds in sight.

The only thing to worry about was her home, which was now a total wreck, and her boyfriend’s.

He was at work when the storm hit and had not been home since the weekend, and she was worried about him.

So she texted her father and asked if she could borrow a car.

Her dad said yes.

The girl drove home and got into her car and drove the couple’s two cars to her home.

She pulled into her driveway and drove to her front door.

The doorbell rang and the car doorbell went off again.

The windows rolled down and the front door opened to reveal the sight of a huge, white tornado.

The tornado was on the other side of the house, heading for the house.

“I got the hell out of there,” she told me.

Her father drove her to the hospital and told her that the storm was moving very fast, so they should get out of the car and leave.

She did as her dad said and got in her car.

“We just ran,” she said.

The storm was so powerful it took her car, a 1999 Subaru Impreza, and two others to stay in the driveway.

She said it took them two hours to get out, so when they got out, the storm had passed.

“It was very dangerous because there was so much power coming down and it was very hot and there was no air conditioning, and the windows were all rolled down,” she explained.

The car got stuck on a tree.

The roof of her car got blown off.

The vehicle was crushed, but it was just barely hanging on to the roof.

The wind blew up and it rolled down the street.

It was terrifying, she said, and when she finally got out of her vehicle and her car was on its side, she was able to get it back into her house.

Her boyfriend had to wait until the storm passed, but he was able see her window.

“He had no idea it was her,” she recalled.

When the storm came back, the tornado had torn through the garage and her house, and was heading for her and her two dogs.

It wasn’t her car that was stuck.

The car had just been knocked over, but she managed to get her truck and go into the woods.

Her mother and sister were at work and she said they were still worried about her.

“They didn’t really know how to react.

They were just confused,” she remembered.”

There was a lot of sadness.

It was very sad.”

After the storm, she called the local fire department and was told they had no other choice but to stay inside.

“The house was totally destroyed, so I was like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t leave, I’ve got my kids.'”

But she did, and so she did.

She went to work and when the time came to leave, she went inside her house and took off her shoes and socks.

She put her shoes in the garbage.

The whole time, she told her dad, she had her kids in the car.

She called her sister and they were worried, too, so she told them to get them out of their cars and she would stay inside and drive them home.

The sisters were confused, but did what she asked.

They put their cars in the garage, and as they were waiting for the storm to pass, she took off the shoes and her socks and put them in the back of her truck.

When it finally passed, she drove them to her apartment.

Her family drove her there, and while they were in the apartment, she put her car in the trunk of her own truck.

“When it was time to leave for work, I went to the front of the truck and put my car in there and put it back in the truck,” she recounted.

She was worried that it would be too hot and windy to drive, so as soon as she got to work, she let the car in.

After she got the truck out of storage, she got in and put her phone in her glove box.

When she got back to her house that afternoon, she grabbed the phone and texted her mom, who told her to call her dad.

When her father got home later that afternoon and told his daughter that the tornado was moving at a fast speed, she texted him back and told him to call his girlfriend.

“So I called my girlfriend and I texted her back and she texted me back and we just went through the motions,” she admitted.

“And then I got back in my car and we drove away.”

The girls told me that they would not let the tornado pass.

But when the tornado came back and was headed towards them, the girls were able to go outside to check it out.

They were not sure how they got into the car, but they got

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