Which Dream Team Memes Are Actually Dead?

As the world’s most famous social media platform, Dreamworks Animation is known for its colorful cartoons and films, but its online presence has long been criticized for its content-sharing policies.

The company has taken the stance that it does not allow trolls to control its content, but the Dreamworks Twitter account has recently been plagued with content-control issues.

Some of the most famous Dreamworks tweets have been deleted by the company, including a retweet from @tomboymama and a retweet of a tweet by @trevor_dickerson from a deleted account.

It is also not uncommon for Dreamworks to suspend or block users who are known for spamming the platform.

However, a new Dreamworks tweet has brought a new level of controversy to the company’s account, with the tweet claiming that the DreamWorks Dreamworks Resort & Casino was shutting down.

The DreamWorks Resort & Casinos was shut down by Dreamworks in February 2018, just a few weeks after the studio began censoring tweets and making its account inaccessible to those with a history of using the platform in spamming its tweets.

Twitter user @tamarin_crisp posted the following tweet, which appears to be a copy of an account from Dreamworks’ official Twitter account, which is owned by DreamWorks parent company Disney, but which also appears to have been created before the shutdown of the resort.

The tweet is accompanied by a photo of the Dream Works Resort & Resort sign with the caption “Welcome to the Dream” and the tagline “The Dream is here!


The tweet also claims that Dreamworks has “decided to shut down the Dreamlands Resort and Casino on February 19.”

The image of the sign is a copy and pasted from a Dreamworks image that was also posted on Twitter earlier this month.

The sign reads: “Welcome To The Dream!”

The image was also shared on Twitter in early February, a few days before Dreamworks deleted the tweet.

The caption that accompanies the tweet reads “The real reason you’re here.”

DreamWorks has not responded to The Verge’s request for comment.

While the tweet has garnered more than 2,000 retweets, the Dreamland tweet is not the first time the company has censored tweets, and there are several other instances in which it has shut down accounts that it believes have been spamming Twitter in a similar way.

In early April, the company suspended the account of user @lauriebuzzie, who had been retweeting content from @Dreamworks_ComicBookFan, which has since been deleted.

In May, the account for user @DreamWorks_PodcastUser was suspended.

In August, the @Dreams_Gaming account was suspended for posting the tweet below: “A dream is a dream.”

In September, the user @pandora_fan deleted his account after he retweeted a tweet that falsely claimed the company was going to be shutting down its YouTube channel.

The following day, DreamWorks shut down @dreams_comicbookfan’s account for tweeting a link to a DreamWorks Facebook page, and the company subsequently deleted the tweets.

In November, the official @DreamS_Disney account tweeted out a false rumor that the company planned to close its YouTube channels.

The account was later reinstated and restored.

The @Dream_Music account also retweeted content from a Twitter account associated with the company.

In December, the accounts @DreamFestival and @DreamFest were suspended by Dreamcast, as was @DreamMusic_Vault.

DreamWorks deleted tweets from @dreamworlds_tv, @DreamWorlds_music, and @dreammusictv in January and February 2018 for violating its content guidelines.

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