Why lucid dream is so important to our lives

What’s the difference between lucid dreams and dreamers?

Well, the first is more like lucid dreaming and dreamer in that they are not dreams, and more like waking up.

Dreamers wake up, go to the bathroom, eat breakfast, go home, go back to bed and repeat the process.

In lucid dreams, there are no waking up or going to the toilet, and the dreams are more like what you’d dream of when you were a kid.

You might have a friend who wakes up and you go back and forth between them, but you’re not in a dream.

You are in a real dream.

That is, the dream is not really happening.

So what’s the point?

Because in a lucid dream, the body is awake, the brain is awake and the dreamer is awake.

If the dream takes place in the morning, it’s a dream, but if it takes place at night, it isn’t a dream and it’s not reality.

The dreamer can experience anything in a waking world, including things you didn’t see.

There are no nightmares or other disturbing things that might come to mind.

You can feel the air, feel the earth, feel a touch of light, or see an object.

And if you want to, you can actually see and feel the objects you’re dreaming of.

So that’s the thing that distinguishes lucid dream from waking reality.

This is why people can get so engrossed in a vivid dream, or that it’s the first time they’ve experienced something they’ve never experienced before, or they’re just really excited about it.

The fact that they have been doing it so long makes it that much more rewarding.

If you have a dream where you’re in a room with your parents, you’re like, “Oh, my God, I just saw my parents,” and they’re like “You did?”

You’re like that for about 10 seconds.

But in a reality where you can experience something that’s not real, that’s all you want.

It’s like, I’ve never seen my parents before.

I’m so excited about seeing them.

It might be a different kind of experience than a dream or when you’re out in the real world.

If it is a reality you are in, then you might experience it a little differently.

You’ll remember it for a long time.

You may not be able to really remember it.

You will probably go back, you might try to recreate it.

It may not work.

It will be like, oh, my gosh, I can’t believe that I actually did that.

But you might have that same experience in a different dream or reality.

If your parents are alive and they are just like, ‘I never thought I would see you again,’ then that’s a great thing.

If they are dead and they just disappear, then that is something that you will not experience again.

It is an important distinction.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s different.

It doesn’t mean that you’re missing a part of reality, or you’re doing something wrong.

You’re still dreaming.

And the more time you spend in that dream state, the more that you experience reality.

And it’s also important to remember that lucid dreaming is not just about dreams.

It also encompasses other things, such as physical sensations and sensations of feeling.

So when you feel something, you are actually experiencing that physical sensation.

So if you’re walking down the street, or your house, you feel the vibrations, the tingling, the warmth.

You feel the sound of the window creaking, you touch the floor, you hear that clanking sound of metal.

You have the feeling that you are there, you actually are physically there, in the room.

You’ve felt that.

So you can use that to your advantage, and that’s what lucid dreaming has always been about.

The first time you feel anything, you have the experience of a physical sensation that is actually happening.

If that sensation is something you would have felt before in waking life, it is something else you can feel in your dream, in your lucid dream.

It can be a physical reaction that is happening in your brain.

It could be a tactile sensation in your fingers or your toes.

Or it could be something that is not happening, like hearing a knock at the door.

So it’s an experiential reality that you can explore and have fun with.

What is your dream like?

Well in my dream, I have a girlfriend that I love.

I have friends I love, and I have some new things I’m doing.

And all of these things, it feels like we’re having a conversation, I’m not in my bedroom.

I can go anywhere.

So I can take a shower.

I love my girlfriend, and she is my best friend.

And so I’m in a conversation with her and she goes, “You’re

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